The Job Market of Yesteryear

Across the country, students are putting on their caps and gowns to recognize the last four or five years of their young lives at university. College graduation is a benchmark in a person’s timeline. It is also time to start thinking about work and possibly entrepreneurship.

Last year, I wrote an article during graduation season stating that today's job market is not what it used to be. The statement is getting boring and doesn't have much effect anymore. Change is happening and if you read, listen or watch any of the world news channels I think you will agree that we should buckle up for a fast ride.

Just this past Saturday, I happened to listen to President Obama addressing this year's graduates of Howard University, a historically black university in Washington, D.C.  Let me share some of what I took away from his speech that I think applies to anyone, let alone graduates and any specific ethnicity:

  • Be confident in who you are and people will love you for being you
  • All people are struggling- blacks, whites, transgenders, middle-aged workers
  • Have not only a passion but also a strategy
  • Listen to those with whom you disagree and be prepared to compromise
  • Better is good- you are improving and gaining so keep getting better

The suggestions I listed above were picked from over 30 minutes of President Obama's speech. I picked the ideas that I think helped me as an entrepreneur 16 years strong. I hope many who are thinking of taking the path of the entrepreneur get a chance to hear the Commencement Address  Basically, with or without an education, it is up to you to choose your path in life.  Choose wisely and stay focused.  After all, it is only your life