The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, you probably feel that the weekdays fold into each other, your weekend mornings you work in bed, un-bathed on Saturday and Sunday mornings; no makeup or sloppy jogging pants.  Monday through Friday flies by in hours rather than days. Luckily you always remember to walk the dog (your best friend), do a few sun salutations and jumps on the trampoline in the morning and late at night to keep the blood flowing but no more weekend warrior or hours at the gym.

Lunches and dinners (if you eat them) are oatmeal in a container with a banana or raw eggs to cook in the microwave just to get that protein you need to keep your eyes open to read yet more about the latest social media apps. (Sometimes I secretly wish the internet would send a message to say "On Vacation"). I did not just say that! 

Then just when you thought you have your entrepreneur life understood and in control, you look up at this person that looks a bit like you that once was your newborn. Later, he is a sports loving grade school jock and high school wanna-be 50 Cent rapper. This person you created that took the 5 year college tour has decided to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Same habits: working incredibly long hours, being on a different timezone than most, experiencing incredible highs and lows and feeling like you are on your own island most of the time. It’s not easy as I see his questions behind his blue eyes that thirst for normal sleep.

Did the one thing they wish not be become (you!) actually happen? Has he become the baby apple I let loose to fall a few times and become part of the lone-wolf phenomenon? I believe that these black-clothed agents, otherwise known as entrepreneur spirits, visit everyone but only take over the bodies and minds of those who can't get rid of a constant inner voice saying you are to be a creator of something exciting that you want to be involved in 24/7.  Some days being taken over by this entrepreneur spirit is like having sticky plant balls you got as a kid playing in the fields stuck to you pinching you all the time.  But as you mature through the long but rewarding process, those sticky balls become ladybugs, lots of ladybugs.

There’s a saying “No one knows what you want better than you.”  The sooner you realize you are a candidate for entrepreneurship, the better chance for success you have. Maturity and experience move the pieces into just the right places. Not to mention, a respectful amount of time must be allowed for mistakes with banking, taxes, contracts, etc. which will all settle out nicely with the right connections and understanding.

My advice to would-be entrepreneurs is to find like-minded people to communicate with on a personal and professional level so you can share a kinship that helps get you through some of the tough times. Best to get started when you're young and appreciate the mistakes because they become experiences that always sell well to others. I dedicate this to my son.