While Digitizing, Take Care of Personal Health

If you work in marketing these days, you are probably mentally exhausted. Do you ever think about what all this social media marketing is doing to your personal health? Your eyes are burning, your head is hurting, and your fingers need stretching. You need to be mentally prepared so you can continue to do organic postings.  These original paragraphs or articles you generate are not always easy to develop.  Research is required on your part.  At times, you can feel your brain expanding trying to fit this new information in. That brain needs some relief and here are some suggestions for maintaining your blog-writing health:

  • Go green
    • Walk or bike to work
    • Buy a Tesla
  • Be a little holistic
    • Visit a local hot bath
    • Do 10 sun salutations a day
    • Jump up and down on a trampoline 200 times a day
    • Get a massage or facial
    • Give your eyes a check-up
  • Help someone else
    • Donate to a cause by giving your time or a monetary gift
    • Maintain a relationship with an elderly person and share stories or a meal with them weekly
    • Take up a hobby.  Wood carving is great mind resting activity. You can do this with a younger person so you can see their eyes light up when trying something new
    • Give your dog a few extra hugs each day
  • Connect with family
    • Have lunch with your sister
    • Show your mom how to use an electronic device
    • Take your dad to Atlantic City for a few hours
  •  Write
    • Blog posts boost your following and sales. Why not start a diary that generates great ideas for short stories (clean it up though before posting!)

I love helping myself and customers. I am only effective if I can disconnect, refresh and get charged up!