An Interview with Sales-Link Inc. President and CEO- Lead Generation


Tell me what your core competency is:

Sales, Lead Generation and Technology- creating an sales environment – I establish real connections between organizations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and technology industries.


Tell me why you’re great at it:

Opening the door and making the connection – something that many others strongly dislike having to do – is my passion. With 25 years of experience in these industries, especially in sales, I know what it’s like to have a $5-$20 million quota and no leads. We can get crazy, frantic, and well, basically, we sometimes look like the cast of the play Merrily We Roll Along-Opening Doors. I have always known that opening doors can be challenging, and overwhelming for some, and creates problems across all industries. But with training, and process management, I know how to solve it!


Tell me why it’s Sales-Link’s core offering?

Passion and leadership are the first steps. However, systems, processes, and rock solid data are required to turn that passion into results. Successful lead generation takes all of this, plus unwavering perseverance; you can’t be afraid of rejection. The mindset to learn, and press on, is the bond I use to rally my team and create new and profitable business relationships for my clients. And it’s working!


Tell me how it will scale:

Every business, in every industry, needs to grow to survive. That growth begins with lead generation and ends with a sale. The underlying strategies I have developed for data-driven relationship building are the same for businesses of all types and sizes. Scaling simply involves capacity for systems, managing your processes, and continuous training for improvement, while maintaining quality.

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