Business Leads for Pharma, Biotech & Diagnostics’ Sales – TextLeadR

Think about some of the best products out there on the market, especially the ones that bring the goodness right to your cell phone- songs from iTunes, sports scores from ESPN and coupons from Groupon. How about gift-wrapping qualified sales leads and sending them to your mobile device. Pharma, Biotech and Diagnostics contacts that you can call, email or connect on LinkedIn at your convenience. No hunting through your CRM.  This offer makes a salesperson’s job easier.

Sales-Link introduces TextLeadR, which sends validated pharma/biotech/diagnostic contacts directly to your cell phone. Users can choose how many leads they want to receive each day and how frequently; you then narrow down targets by location, title, company and many other parameters.  Along with these perks, the information coming back to you provides for a quick transition between you and your target.

The goal of TextLeadR is to basically eliminate the grind of researching for contacts, allowing users to focus their time solely on closing business opportunities. Too often, the long and endless hours of hunting for information will send you down a few rabbit holes!

Our database of over 400,000 pharma/biotech/diagnostic contacts (potential leads) goes through a rigorous screening process and is updated on an almost daily basis through LinkedIn profiles, Google APIs, White and Yellow Pages and online news feeds. The most thorough part of our research, however, is through personalized phone calls which allow us to get the most accurate level of confirmation on the contacts.

So how did TextLeadR become a reality? Well, it actually started out as just a casual idea. On business trips, I would call my assistants in the office and ask them to text me the names of contacts (with their contact information) that I wanted to call while out on the road since this is when I had some free time (waiting on transportation or time between meetings). This would allow me to operate in a swift manner and make better use of my time. I always had a scheduled meeting as my initial reason for going to a city, but while I was there why not try and get a few extra meetings.

If you know you’ll be traveling to a certain city and want to have your ducks lined up in a row before heading there, TextLeadR can help you achieve that. There really is no limit to how you use the information, but if you use it more you’ll start to see the smiles on your boss’s face start to appear more regularly.

All in all, TextLeadR is designed to make the life of a salesperson easier. This is the same method that helped me and I am more than happy to share it with the public. I love to hear from industry about how we can help you.  If you have an idea we haven’t thought of yet, I’d love to hear about it.  Start by learning more about TextLeadR.