Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?

Recently I learned that a good friend was making a move away from being a business owner to joining the traditional workforce.  I was interested to understand his decision points that were taking him from devoting 100% focus to less than half his time now.  After all, this wasn’t a member of the Shark Tank panel moving along to invest in the next potential success story, but rather what I learned later to understand would be a “Quality of Life” decision.

Taking your eye off your baby starts to diminish the potential growth in returns. Some prospective entrepreneurs will temporarily step back to recharge, check back in with friends on a traditional path of employment, escape isolation and reconsider normal hours.  Every young person and their respective mentors whether mother, father, sibling, extended family or friend should take the potential entrepreneur serious so that if he/she chooses this route, any temporary delays from staying on the entrepreneurial path are minimal.  If you are lucky and realize early on that getting off the entrepreneurial wagon was a mistake, and you can hop back on with little disruption, then you are going to be in good shape.  It will be a small blip but those who take too long of a siesta may find it hard to return, and many never do!

The non-entrepreneurial path may offer steady money, less responsibility, normal hours and a family life but what if being a lone wolf was your intended destiny?  I think the earlier you find this out and face it the better for you and all who you associate with. Before entering into relationships, you need to find what makes you whole so you can take care of you first.  If not, what I think takes a hit is your confidence, image, happiness, passion, energy and a complaint-free life.  When I look into the eyes of a young person I immediately assess their potential for entrepreneurship.  It is not for everyone, but it is for many as long as they have the village behind them; it starts with your family accepting and encouraging your interests. Every sentence, spoken word and action by the potential entrepreneur and the exchange he has with others could be an important trigger point, so pay attention! Our world needs more great businesses so there are jobs for assistants, managers, tradesmen and specialists that helps families create stable lives.

The most uncomfortable part of being a business owner is the hours you are awake all night thinking and creating while others sleep; this is what I think my friend was talking about regarding quality of life. I often think that staying up through the night creating and strategizing with fellow developers and project managers are the best times I have ever had.  Recalling my 9-5 job, I was not comfortable in my skin stopping at a certain time, turning my brain on and off in a forced manner; that just doesn’t work for someone wanting to build and create.  So for all you entrepreneur hopefuls, stay true to yourself. Join the underground of entrepreneurs and get comfortable in your skin. Find a group that speaks the same language as you and share your goals, dreams and desires. Reach out to others doing it and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to reach out at any time, day or night, because they will be up.  Strike while you are thinking about it before your tricky mind blanks it out.

What this all really adds up to is doing what you have passion for and ultimately what you do best.  You are always prepared because you know your business and you are plugged in regarding every angle and will have strong, thoughtful opinions. Your purpose is to create, perfect, and grow only to then create and grow some more.  So I realize that’s a lot to tackle, and it may not be appealing to some, but it is for many who have no other choice but to look for peace and solace in their minds and  hearts  bringing  a sense of completeness for purpose and comfort.  My story is dedicated to my friend and many business owners who are seeking comfort in their own skin.