Making Lead Generation Work Online for your Website

When creating a website, there are a number of ways to increase the traffic. If you already have a website you can always listen to helpful pointers and improve upon what already exists. From the visual appearance to the content that makes up the website, every single detail is extremely vital to your overall operation. The website for a business doesn’t have to be the most visually glorifying page on the internet. A clean design that informs the reader what you do and how you do it, should be your approach. Your customers want one thing: to know exactly what it is that you can do for them. The faster they find out what you offer and why you are the best, the quicker you can start making business arrangements together. If it takes more than three clicks to educate them on your business plan, a simpler approach is needed.

Watching the trends of your site is one of the most important factors that go into this as well. For instance, if you see that people are flocking to your site early in the morning as opposed to the afternoon, you then want to make sure your content that is leading readers to your website, is out first thing in the morning. Most websites, even the very basic, incorporate the stats into the page’s admin controls but many people tend to overlook them. Simply studying those stats and trends will dictate the actions you take to enhance your web presence. Lesson 1: Check the stats on your site.

Along with the statistics, your visitors’ comments and feedback can be helpful. If someone praises an article or the site, thank them and send them well wishes for their kind words. You would be surprised what that will do for someone’s day. This goodwill doesn’t end at the website; be interactive on your social media sites as well (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). A few months ago, I wrote a blog on the effect that this could have on a potential business relationship.

Conversely, you also have to be on watch for negative comments. If someone (maybe a former unhappy client) is throwing daggers, simply ask them how you could help to make them happy. Also, turning on the option to review comments before they hit the website is an idea I would encourage. Lesson 2: Select option on website to check all incoming comments before publishing to website.

Another major problem with some sites is that they don’t load fast enough. You should have a site that is well-coded, optimized and also works for mobile devices. There is approximately 25-33% of online traffic coming from mobile devices. With the amount of time that we’re all on our cell phones or tablets, that number doesn’t seem to serve justice but it is still a considerable amount which will only continue to grow.

Recently, I wrote “Content is King”, and my point is that content, otherwise known as the written word, is the most important part of your website. Your differentiation is the main attraction when someone logs on to your website. What exactly is it that separates you from the competition? That needs to be clearly stated from the start. Tell the audience about the products/services that you offer. Have a section for case studies, trials, testimonials and quotes from past clients. When people go to a website now, more than ever, they’re reading clients’ comments, doing their research and trying to get the real story on who you are and what you do well. Consumers now have the best research tool (the internet) at their disposal. If they are interested in your services they will search for additional articles, blogs, and activity on social media--anything that you have had your name or company’s name on. Those reader comments/suggestions are starting to play a much larger role in deciding on what business/product a person will choose.

Reading statistics, having data and knowing your audience, as I mentioned earlier, is important to look at. If you see that a certain topic is getting more traffic than others, continue to go with what works because the traffic driven to your website is your livelihood.

In closing, your website’s appearance is as equally important as your physical appearance. The internet can be a tricky highway but it’s important to be a few steps ahead of your viewers and your competition, so that you are always in control of your business.