Sales-Link PRM System is the Cream of the Crop

Sales-Link’s database of contacts in the pharma/biotech industry is updated daily by our team of researchers based on your needs. Our lead generation services and successes are a result of our technology as well our experience and knowledge of the industry which allows us to identify and pursue targets that will be the perfect fit for you. We can open the lines of communication and become a major part of your team. Sales-Link provides significant buyer contact information to help you succeed. We look for key targets and someone who is interested, and also raise the bar on boosting your brand-awareness, which brings attention to your company and what you do best. Nowadays most decisions are made by a group of leaders (“The Board” aka “The Jury”) and now you have to make sure you persuade all purchasing influencers.

We have over 22,000 business locations worldwide in our corporation database. We also use the internet to your benefit, as well as your existing CRM system. By now if you have been reading my blogs, you know that I do not promote CRM for lead generating. We can pull from a CRM and load up our Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) system which is the true lead engine. Sales-Link is also active on the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn which are extremely important and add value to your marketing and lead generation.

We generate your promotion activity and provide you reports to show who is clicking on links within letters we sent to prospects and their responses which will give you a chance to see that we’re reaching out to some of the industry’s best on a more personal level. It’s very important to engage with people on a social not just a business level.

Everyone can be friends -or- follow each other even if it doesn’t work out to generate business. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve made connections with people on social media who have referred me to friends and colleagues that have ultimately generated business.

My son is a big football fan. Someone that I spoke with on Twitter was able to get him second row seats to a Green Bay Packers/New York Giants game last month. He had the time of his life and that all happened because I made the connection on Twitter.

The point is that social media can help with your business, but also, you never know when you might need that favor from someone.

However, the way that we initiate most of our conversations with your prospects is via email. It is the most important sales prospecting tool of the decade and is how most sales companies run, but can you say that your contacts are validated with the correct contact information?

Here is some key information about our prospects:

  • Over 200,000 contacts in our database currently and we continue to grow. Our contacts are edited routinely and we have the aptitude to add more contacts based on your needs as you need them.
  • Our title program can easily create connections for you, matching the right title with the correct area of your needs.
  • If your company is focused, for example, in pre-clinical research, we can provide contacts with titles in this field.

The amount of contacts in our database is impressive, but the most important aspect is that our contacts are updated daily and are LIVE in a sense. The information that we have is always current so you’re not chasing after someone that isn’t at the company anymore.

Just as clever as E-Harmony or any of the other dating sites, we ensure we are matching you with current contacts interested in buying. E-Harmony doesn’t want mismatched people dating too often and wasting time thus the reason for all the questions when you first sign on. The same goes for Sales-Link and our customers, we track down the right connection. Internet dating is one of the biggest changes that have been available to us over the last two decades and possibly longer. It is now a billion dollar industry in the United States. We aim to have our own our business match-making service be just as popular.

It will usually take Sales-Link six months to show you the maximum potential we could establish for your company:

  • In that first month, we will identify the contacts that officially become prospects and put them into something we call your “sandbox.” We have the contacts, upload the contacts from another resource or upload your contacts in your CRM into Sales-Link’s PRM System; we label them specifically for you. Next, we reach out to prospects via email, and then if there is interest we will speak with them and set up the meeting between the two of you.
  • Starting in your second month, you can be assured that Sales-Link WILL generate three to five leads, if not more, that second month. If the message is value-driven and if there is a need, we will engage you with prospects. We will keep track of all your leads to ensure that nothing gets by us and you will be partnered with the prospect for a short-term project or a long-term deal.
  • You are the Owner; Sales-Link becomes part of your team. Your sales need to be ready to court and close. Courting is a lost art by most these days due to the age of wanting instant gratification. However, this is a major flaw. You want to insist upon sales getting back to true courting. Sales-Link has the tools that can help your sales team court, track and close.

In the final stages of our deal, we like to offer the “sandbox” back to you so you can continue with what we started. The sandbox contains the contacts we engaged you with and those you should continue to pursue.

cream filling!
cream filling!

How many times have you gotten contacts on any of the major sites (3rd party resources, Jigsaw, etc.) and the contact isn’t with the company anymore? Well, it’s time to be satisfied with the data you’re paying for. It is very disheartening for someone when they waste their money on anything; especially something that could make YOU more money!

I love Oreos, and I always liken lead generation in this sense: “It’s like buying a package [of Oreos] and finding out someone ate the cream filling- you want the whole thing!”

You want to be reciprocated for what you pay for, and ultimately, reach your target audience.