We Believe Sales Is Undergoing a Major Shift In Our Industry

We believe sales is in the middle of a major shift in our industry. Reaching out via emails and phone calls - sales techniques that have been the staple of sales for decades, are no longer effective in the way they used to be. How do we know this? The data tells us.

Baylor University studies show that today, it takes roughly 209 cold calls to generate one appointment or referral, and on average, 72% of cold calls never get through to an actual person.(1)

While automation is at its highest level of effort, the facts show us that a more personalized approach is the preference of customers. We believe that not only is there room for both, but when automation is used in conjunction with sales calls, in a way that meets today’s needs, sales success rates boom.

“Cold call agents, in 2018, have to either show a super fast performance (because of the sky-high rejection rate and low conversion rates around 1-2%) or turn cold calls into warm calls, which may boost up conversion rates up to 30%,” reports Small Biz Daily.(2)

At Sales-Link Inc., we are passionate about replacing cold calls with warm calls. Calls that replace standard monotone recitations with friendly, knowledgeable, pertinent, empathetic communication with potential buyers. In the Life Sciences industry, meaningful, scientific information to back-up your products/services, is more important now, then ever before.

“Who has time for all that”, you ask? You do, if you go about the process intelligently. Granted, there are only so many working hours in a day, but it’s how those hours are used that can make or break your company. If you invest in a customizable, automated system, abundant with updated qualified and verified leads, preventing your sales staff from wasting time on out-dated information and dead-ends, they can apply that time to more meaningful interaction with prospects.

Surveyed buyers were asked what they want from their sales pros:

  • 69% said, “Listen to my needs.”

  • 61% said, “Don’t be pushy” and “give me relevant information.”

  • 51% want salespeople to respond in a timely manner.(3)

Increasingly, business buyers are looking to their sales reps to help them achieve their companies’ goals by acting as trusted consultants, teachers and advisors, and the archaic salespeople of the past are quickly losing their relevance in the industry.

We believe that sales teams need to use artificial intelligence intelligently: use it to save time and energy, but don’t expect automation to replace in-person communications.

We believe that sales empowerment can only be achieved through proper process, team management and accountability.

We believe that training, product/service education (contents), and excellent communication skills are paramount for sales to be effective in the coming decades.

We believe that we have developed one of the most effective CRMs available, and that if you give our PharmaBDI system a try, you will be amazed at how much time your sales team will have to apply their skills to developing the relationships that will ultimately increase sales.

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(2) https://www.smallbizdaily.com/are-cold-calling-dead-2018/