What is Pharma BDI?

Pharma BDI (Business Development Information) is a dynamic, searchable database with verified contact info for over 500,000 Pharma, Biotech, and Diagnostics industry professionals. It's updated daily, so you always know the best way to contact your leads and build your own database of clients and connections.


How does it work?

Our team at Sales-Link, Inc. works around the clock to personally validate every entry in the Pharma BDI database. This means we're always manually checking and re-checking prospect emails, phone numbers, and even social media accounts. You'll never have to worry about contact info dead-ends again.

See it in action

Watch the video to see how BDI is the perfect dynamic database for your sales team:

  • Powerful search function

  • Filter by location, company, department

  • Build your own lists

  • Keep track of your leads

  • Set up prospect and company-based news alerts delivered right to your dashboard


"I already have a leads list. Why do I need Pharma BDI?"

Crossing names and numbers off of a leads list is not an effective way to search for, validate, and contact business leads. We're well into the 21st century - there is no reason you should still be doing business the same way you were doing it 20 years ago.

The team at Sales-Link, Inc. creates and implements powerful marketing technology for one purpose - to develop the most effective way for you to make sales in the Pharma, Biotech, and Diagnostics Industries. PharmaBDI is so much more than a leads list. It's a platform that will bring your sales strategy - and your profits - into the 21st century.



Your Account – When you sign up with PharmaBDI, you get your own account on our platform. PharmaBDI is a Sales-Link, Inc. product, so you'll get everything you need to set up your account and start using it right away.

Search Over 400,000+ Industry Professionals – Our database features over 400,000 validated Pharma, Biotech, and Diagnostics Industry professionals. We make it easy for you to connect with the right person, every time.

Powerful Filters – A search engine for industry professionals isn't enough. With PharmaBDI, you can filter your results by location (country or city), by company type, by company services, and even by department. Looking for marketing VPs in California? Or Biotech companies in China? PharmaBDI's got you covered.

Keep Track and Build Your Own Lists – With PharmaBDI, you can save your searches and build your own lists with our "" feature. Keep track of your progress with all of your leads in one place.

Set Up Alerts for Prospects – Set the width of the site title container. This effectively allows control over the wrapping of the site title.

Two Price Tiers - You can purchase PharmaBDI as a corporate package or individual package. The corporate package accommodates login details for corporate sales teams, and the individual package is for small teams (less than 5) or individual salespeople in Pharma/Biotech/Diagnostics.

PHARMA BDI Benefits:

Updated Daily – Never worry about dead-end contacts again. PharmaBDI is updated round-the-clock. We guarantee that our 500,000+ database is completely cleaned every 30 days.

Saves Hours – Stop wasting time with static lists and doing your own validation. PharmaBDI can save you and your team hours every week - hours that you can spend helping new clients and closing sales.

Better Leads – Let's face it - not all leads are good leads, and when you're stuck with a static list your sales team bought years ago, those leads can yield poor results. Don't ever get stuck with a list of bad leads. 

TextLeadR (LIMITED TIME ONLY!) – When you sign up for PharmaBDI, you'll get FREE access to TextLeadR. TextLeadR sends your relevant, validated leads from BDI directly to your mobile phone via SMS. Tap your text message to call or email your prospect, go to their company's website, or connect on LinkedIn.

We remove the roadblocks that are keeping your sales team from closing the deal.


The Process

New is great, but best practices can't be forgotten. The practice of embracing new technology is a really good one but without a proven process all can go down hill really quickly.  Many companies, industry to industry, suffer from chaos because everyone is busy adopting, adhering and growing but lack in documenting their process which is not really sexy but it is really important.  Without process, it's hard to pick back up after downfalls.   You might be lucky enough to have some great wins and make it through alive, but why take a chance?

Adopting a process is manageable. Just find a leader who wants to own one. What is meant by this is that people who do business by measure know how important process is to being successful. So find one of them.  Process is a routine which really lost it's trend sometime between the late 80's and now, but it does have a place in business.  Let's face it.  If something isn't being watched, discussed, or paid attention to routinely (which is a process), there will be just so-so results.

Starting with a blank canvas, spell out what is important to the department and what is measurable. Let leaders in the department dot the i's and cross the t's on documenting the standard operating procedure (SOP) -however you, the manager, must insist upon them.

Examples can be:

  • How to keep management apprised of outreach metrics for calls, emails, presentations, meetings, RFPs, work orders in progress.

  • A process for handling RFPs that are received by your company.

  • Process for engaging sales and operations to introduce new leads into the company.

Some of the processes will become set SOPs and others won't.  Getting people talking about processes and ways to measure are a great starting point!



Depending on size of company or status of hiring resources, your leader of the sales and marketing team should be selected based upon having been a grunt salesperson with a desire to lead, influence, inspire and aspire to hitting the ball outside the park.

Those with a hunter mentality do really well, but there are exceptions, as there are to all things in life. Whoever is running your sales operation should be a self starter and not someone waiting on the company owners' signals.  So trust but verify and with your input set them free!  Spend time with your sales leader  and let them in to your leadership team.  If you don't want them there, then they shouldn't be one of your close leads.  You want them to understand your most basic goals and operations style, and then you assess whether or not they have what it takes. They've got to show signs that they are alive on your team and that they have your back.  But if anywhere you need to invest some time, it is with your sales leader. They will keep you alive and costantly growing!

textleadr logo.png

More value: Get TextLeadR with BDI

  • The only solution that sends leads right to your phone.

  • Get validated pharmaceutical, biotech & diagnostic contact information - sent as text messages right to your phone.

  • Tell us the types of prospects you need by location, title, company, and more - and we make sure you get them.

  • Stop spending hours hunting for prospect information and just start selling.

Value: Per user fee of $29.99/month - now FREE with purchase of PharmaBDI corporate.


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