Methodology for Sales

by Susan Walsh, President and CEO, Sales-Link Inc.

Every successful function needs a set of processes. This becomes your methodology. When processes are not in place, it is like accidents happening all along a freeway, some will make it out successfully, and others will not be so fortunate. Why not make sure that you and your team are safe and successful by putting a plan into place that will allow your sales pipeline to keep growing, rather than hitting bumps in the road? Don’t leave it to chance.

The following safety checks will help protect a good sales program from getting derailed. Agree on a process that will ensure:

  • Training on using a system supporting the process

  • Process rules are in place and followed consistently

  • Weekly, call volumes and email outreaches are reviewed and discussed

  • Monthly, the process is reviewed to determine if tweaking is required.

Use One System

Document Process and Responsibilities

Follow this or a similar process:

  1. Read news articles and industry updates

  2. Have a target list and a way to learn about additional prospects in your territory

  3. Create email marketing campaigns

  4. Review those who are clicking through your emails

  5. Make phone call to introduce yourself to prospects, especially targets

  6. Practice your sales pitch by recording and listening to yourself first

  7. You can follow up with unique emails or LinkedIn messaging

  8. Always make person-to-person meetings the goal, whether in person, phone or video conference


Have someone truly monitoring the numbers. You will never know the reasons why you have drought if you aren’t looking at numbers of calls and outreach emails. Look at the companies being targeted. Have discussions with your team so you can assess if they are engaged.

There’s Always Time To Change or Add Process

It’s a terrible feeling when it’s too late to make changes for improvement. Make it easy on yourself by looking at the numbers NOW, so that if you see signs of trouble, you can make changes quickly.

Good luck with your sales goals! Sales is undergoing a major shift right now. If you are interested in hearing more about what you can do to see successful changes in your sales environment, contact me. I will be happy to show you how to make some changes quickly.

Susan Walsh
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