Take a Stand

Lead generation is about getting out there and conveying information about your products and/or services to your potential customers. That will take having a high number of contacts and the ability to connect with them.  It is similar to someone living an active social life, meeting as many new people as you can. If you don’t like meeting new people there’s a good chance you’re not a lead generator. Sticking to the same game plan each time won’t convey the results you desire. Meeting new people means being introduced to different kinds of colleagues with various view points and different ways to take in information. This leads me to the question of whether you, the person doing lead generation and sales, is really cut out for the task and if you’re not, what should you do about it?

Each day millions of people fall into a sense of complacency they can never seem to get out of. Is it the fact that striving for something greater is too much to fathom or just simply that they’ll fail, so why try anyway? In all honesty, there are a number of factors that hinder an individual from gaining ultimate work happiness and it begins with each person and what is going on in their mind.

In an earlier blog I wrote about doing what you have passion for and if you follow your true love of work you will have a successful career life.  As they say, if you are assured about yourself then all other aspects of life will fall into place.  I firmly believe that people would stop hopping from job to job and start focusing more if they know and are intimately familiar with their power center.

Some will get the idea that the grass is greener elsewhere and passion begins to blur with incentives, vacations and health benefits but they soon find out that similar detriment they are running from is sitting next to them once again. If you are in your center-of-power job this would not bother you, but rather, you would be willing to fix any problem happily and in a professional, assured and nurturing manner; all because your love of the job won’t make it seem like a dubious task. There is little frustration, and rather delight, that you fixed yet another situation.

I’m a level-headed person, enough so to understand that sometimes switching jobs/careers could benefit you. Leaving a job takes courage, in the sense that you are leaving by your own choice (not getting fired), then there’s a certain chivalry involved. If you left for a reason that you truly believed in then you should be commended for that. Sometimes you just need to scratch that itch- Martha Stewart was once a stockbroker, and later on down the road she ended up making a fortune off of her homemade hospitality skills far off of Wall Street. David Letterman once held down a job as a weatherman before becoming the most trusted name in late night television- needless to say he made the right decision.

More than ever, people are changing jobs. Far gone are the days of holding the same position for 25 years then having the big retirement dinner. The model of business has undergone a drastic makeover in the last few decades, and anything that companies can do to save expenses including taxes,i.e, Burger King, they’ll do it- which means your employment and salary can be hanging. It’s always important to look out for yourself in our new world; you can never be too sure of much stability.

We all love to dream and it’s actually a healthy function because it reminds us that we’re human. Donald Trump once said, “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” He’s not wrong; it just means that if you’re dreaming then you’re on the right path to wanting more. Going out and actually accomplishing the feat is the challenging part of the equation. So to get back to my beginning… If you love to open doors, meet new people and have new goals each day, being a lead generator is a great job to have.  If interested to learn more feel free to contact me at susanw@saleslinknetwork.com

If you’re happy doing what you love to do then it’s not going to be a job!