Jurgen Klinsmann Gives Americans the Day Off

Klinsman Out of Work Letter
Klinsman Out of Work Letter

As you may have heard the United States Men’s soccer team is making some pretty remarkable things happen in the World Cup thus far. That gives head coach Jurgen Klinsmann basically full reign over the country, and his first order of business is giving the whole country the day off. Hopefully you see this early enough in the day to present to your boss- that’s Step 1. Step2, well, let’s hope he/she is a soccer fan and also has a sense of humor.

So how did we get to this point?

In the first contest against Ghana we were victorious in a barn burner, 2-1. John Brooks, Jr. headed in the game-winner in the 86th minute putting us ahead for good. On Sunday, we suffered a tremendously heartbreaking draw against a very tough Portugal team, 2-2. Famed futbol legend, Cristiano Ronaldo, crossed a beautiful pass into the box on the last play of the game which Silvestre Varela headed in for the equalizer.

Now it all comes down to today, so if you haven’t been following the World Cup here’s everything you need to be in the loop with the rest of the country.

The United States and Germany are tied atop Group G at four points apiece, and will face off at 12PM Eastern Time. Ghana and Portugal are tied at the bottom at one point apiece; they too will face off at the same time as US/Germany.

In order for the United States to advance we need to:

  • Win
  • Tie

If the United States loses, there is still an opportunity for them to advance on goal differential. Those GD standings are as follows:

  • Germany: +4
  • United States: +1
  • Ghana: -1
  • Portugal: -4

Just to be clear, you can also take a look at this graphic, courtesy of Seth Rosenthal of SBNation.com. Somehow it all makes sense and lets you know exactly what we need to move on to the Round of 16. Happy Footballing everyone!

USA World Cup
USA World Cup