Lead Generation, The Boxer

Coming into the ring generating over 30% more business for your company, lead generation! OK, maybe one does not get that dramatic about it, but there are certainly some similarities between lead generation and a boxer. Contrary to popular belief, a boxer does not fight alone. They have the help of their trainers putting them through rigorous training in the weeks leading up, and then standing in their corner during the big fight. You can use this analogy to your benefit by using your sales team to help forward the lead generation process. A sales team picks up the leads and starts the courting/rallying of bringing the opportunity to a closing, “The Sale.”

A boxer’s entourage consists of promoters, trainers, cut guys and they’ll all tell the boxer what he is doing wrong. Similarly, a lead generator uses a support system of sales, and management to give guidance, and possibly lend some opinions of their own regarding strategy and potential targets.

Repetition and training are vital in both boxing and lead generation. For a boxer, they go through countless hours of not only punching the bag, but also condition themselves through healthy eating and exercise. For a lead generator the same rings true, because you have to prepare yourself for the big meeting and analyze data to formulate an action plan.

When setting up a plan, one has to prepare for any unforeseen changes. In boxing, anything can alter in the events leading up to the fight from the weight of your opponent, as well as your own. Both of those circumstances can affect the outcome of the fight. With your business, maybe the CEO or the head of finance of the contact you are meeting with shows up for the meeting with questions you were not anticipating. You will certainly have to work a little harder and pull out some stops that you never thought you would have to use. Long story short, nothing ever goes as planned and you have to be prepared for anything.

Inside the ring, it’s show time! The best boxers have their trademark powerful punch, but can they get it off at the correct time? How about you in lead generation or sales? Can you be sure your timing will be perfect so that the right response/style will be applied when appropriate? You can by preparing, listening, and even more listening.

Timing is everything here because you don’t want to seem too eager and then all of a sudden get knocked to the canvas. It’s all about making sure that a combination of precise maneuvers work, and ultimately hits on the right areas where you can capitalize. Boxers don’t want to just throw single punches at their opponent. As a lead generator, take that same approach and use a combination of techniques to help you land that knockout blow.

In the end, with boxing and lead generation, it comes down to who wants it more. In the ring, when it comes down to the final rounds, the boxer is undoubtedly spent and tired, giving it all they have until that final bell rings. In business, you have to take that same approach and apply it to your strategy. Lead generation is a very tiring process, but you can’t give up or else you’ll be knocked out!