The Lead Generation Toolbox

When looking at lead generation, it is somewhat similar to a toolbox. Each item has its own compartment and importance within the structure, but collectively the box keeps the tools effective and organized. You’ll have your powerful tools and the ones that help you get into hard-to-reach places, but nonetheless, you need them all to ensure nothing is left loose and shaking. The main components of a toolbox relate to lead generation in more ways than one, but together, they build something great in the end whether it’s a table or a multi-year deal on a contract. While there isn’t a Home Depot to buy your lead generation, there are certainly businesses that will help you along the way.

Sales-Link offers a toolbox to help you with your lead generation needs. We are fully staffed to hunt for the leads, gather them and put them into good position by setting up the meetings to take you to the next level.

So how does lead generation measure up to a toolbox?

A tape measure is vital to your project because it lets you know how everything will fit into place. Think of the tape measure like your 30/60/90 sales report with the pipeline leading up to move into the close. From this report you can measure the timeframe invested in taking a potential lead from open to a close. You can learn a lot about your sales team and your potential prospects.

An adjustable wrench tightens the nuts and bolts together, and that is something everyone in business can relate to. Just when you think the deal is ready to close, you hear about a delay i.e., the person with signatory authority is out. Or the delay leads to your sales rep laying back on ensuring the close actually happens. When estimated deal closing dates slip, it is necessary to tighten the watch over these opportunities and give your sales rep the necessary prompting to stay engaged.

The screwdriver/power drill is used for precise tightening on screws. Obviously a screwdriver gets the job done, but sometimes you need that power drill to get into the hard to reach areas. Compare this to bringing in the content when a simple intro letter is not working. Remember, you just started a formal lead generation program and many never saw your letters before thus never knowing your company’s name before! If you are fortunate enough to track the click opens, you want to be sure you use the heavy tools to further educate, introduce and declare your value to the prospect.

The hammer is probably the most important because it drives the nail home and finishes the job. Sales-Link gets the nail positioned exactly and it is the sales-team (yours or your consultants) that need to hammer in the sale—the finish.

All in all, the toolbox of lead generation should be with you at all times. It is hard to understand why any company selling a product or service is not lead generating each and every day. In order to build the business, you need the right tools to produce results!

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