Lab to Life Webinar Spotlights Advances in Multiple Sclerosis Research and Technology

On Thursday, August 29, 2013, Sales-Link hosted a Lab to Life webinar entitled 'Move Your MS Pipeline Forward with Reliable and Reproducible Preclinical Data' presented by Dr. Satish Medicetty, President, Renovo Neural, Inc. In the one-hour presentation, Dr. Medicetty covered animal models that recapitulate MS pathology, reliable and reproducible data, and Renovo's advanced 3D-EM technology. [video url=""]

Slides from the webinar will soon be available for download on SlideShare.

About Speaker Dr. Satish Medicetty
Dr. Satish Medicetty has built a strong scientific team and operational structure to establish Renovo as a specialized research service provider in the CNS area. Dr. Medicetty played a key role in standardizing and commercializing novel animal models and assays that contributed to Renovo’s success. Under his leadership, Renovo is pioneering development of 3D-Electron Microscopy based applications for neuroscience research and drug development.

Prior to Renovo, Dr. Medicetty was the Director of Stem Cell Research and Lab Operations at NeoStem, Inc., where he was instrumental in establishing company’s global R&D headquarters in Cambridge, MA, and initiating international R&D operations in China. At NeoStem, he established and managed academic and industry collaborations, and developed protocols to pursue preclinical development of peripheral blood derived adult stem cells.

Dr.Medicetty also worked at Athersys, Inc., as a Senior Scientist in the division of Regenerative Medicine, where he was actively involved in the development of adult stem cell-based therapies for cardiovascular and neurological diseases. He received a degree in Veterinary Medicine from A.N.G.R.A. University, India. Dr. Medicetty received a PhD from Kansas State University, where he was part of a stem cell research team that has conducted and published seminal work on characterization of stem cells from umbilical cord matrix their potential therapeutic applications for Parkinson’s disease. Later, Dr. Medicetty received his MBA from Weatherhead School of Management, where he specialized in strategic management.

About Renovo Neural
Renovo Neural is a specialized preclinical research organization located in Cleveland, OH offering services revolutionizing biological research and development of neural therapies, specifically multiple sclerosis. Renovo’s preclinical models, researchers and automated electron microscopy provide high-quality standard and customizable preclinical solutions. Renovo provides these specialized research services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, non-profit organizations and academic researchers. Renovo’s team consists of award-winning researchers, dedicated scientists and entrepreneurs. Follow @RenovoNeural.

About Sales-Link, Inc.
Sales-Link's personnel are mission focused on bringing recognition to service providers and CROs, specifically introducing testers to industry types, including scientists, discovery researchers, preclinical toxicologists, clinical, regulatory, branding, sales and marketing.

The company is the brainchild of Founder Susan Walsh. Meeting one-on-one with her clients, Walsh gains a better understanding of a company’s challenges, and then pinpoints how Sales-Link can help them to focus and achieve business success.

Walsh offers more than 20 years of experience in the pharma/biotech industry and has held sales/sales-related positions at IBM and Perot Systems Corporation. Early in her career, she worked with the Department of Navy in system analysis, which enhanced her positions in utilizing automation to assist in tracking systems, sales, lead generation and marketing.

Her experience in these areas helped her to create the vision for Sales-Link, offering the industry an insight to making lead generation and sales more efficient by building robust solution for sales and lead generation. Follow @Saleslinknet.