Renovo Neural's Team Heads to ECTRIMS, New Research Findings for Multiple Sclerosis

Renovo Neural, Inc., a specialized research organization focused on early research and discovery of multiple sclerosis (MS) therapies, will be present at the 2013 European Committee for Research and Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) in Copenhagen, October 2-5th. At ECTRIMS, attendees gather yearly to facilitate communication, create synergies, and promote research and learning’s among professionals with the common goal to improve basic and clinical research in MS. Dr. Bruce Trapp, Founder, along with Dr. Satish Medicetty, President and Dr. Brain Bai, Principal Scientist will be representing Renovo at ECTRIMS. Dr. Bai will lead a discussion on “Animal Models to Assess Differential Remyelination in Grey Matter and White Matter.” On Oct 4th at 10:49 AM. Up until recently, no mouse model showed differential remyelination in gray and white matter in the same brain. However, Renovo Neural modified the traditional cuprizone mouse model and determined remyelination dynamics in both gray and white matter. Gray matter demyelination has been increasingly recognized as a major contributor of neurological disability in MS patients. A recent study revealed that remyelination in gray matter occurs at a much higher rate than in the white matter, suggesting different mechanisms regulating remyelination in white and gray matter and new targets for therapies. Dr. Bai will present supportive data collected as a result of studies performed at Renovo Neural.

One unique finding from recent studies shows that the MS brain cortical remyelination exceeds white matter demyelination. Our proof-of-concept studies using T3 cells establish that this method is amenable to test drug-induced remyelination in both gray and white matter.