Transportation Solution for Disabled & Senior Programs

Transportation Managers are responsible for managing transit budgets and reducing operating costs while keeping the community happy; a winning model for any business person. To aide transportation groups in executive good social responsibility programs, MJM Innovations is exercising its own good management principles by helping city/state governments manage transportation systems with transportation management software solutions that are user-friendly and easily implemented. Not only is the technology state of the art, but also improves efficiency and cost savings. The transportation Industry is a competitive landscape especially for city/state government programs funded by grants and other government funding. For MJM Innovations, a software and transportation management organization starts with a mission to offer solutions that are not overly complicated and provide ease in implementation for customers to snap applications in place rather quickly. Jeff Venick, President of MJM Innovations, says “It doesn’t make sense to work with a vendor that doesn’t make your job easier. At MJM Innovations, we work with transportation administrators and help reduce operating expenses and show efficiencies with programs like EzTransport."

Every city administrator working with a community wants to offer personalized services to their disabled and senior population. With MJM’s on-demand taxi service, an economical compliment for your paratransit or senior van service, administrators who are challenged with transportation issues for seniors and disabled groups are able to offer independence and flexibility. The program works by qualifying certain providers to participate in the program that offer on-demand taxi and sedan service at a fraction of the cost of a van trip. The addition of a taxi program helps to compliment the van service and improve service levels.

According to the Administration on Aging, by 2030 there will be about 72.1 million older people, more than twice their number in 2000. People 65+ represented 12.4% of the population in the year 2000 but are expected to grow to be 19% of the population by 2030.

Further HHS Secretary Kathleen G. Sebelius said, “One of the top fears of older Americans is the prospect of needing to move to a nursing home. Providing at-home services and support is important—often times by having appropriate support and services come to them, seniors and people with disabilities can avoid repeat hospitalizations, manage their chronic conditions, feel better and stay independent longer.” Jeff Venick, President of MJM Innovations sees the EzTransport program as one of many ways to help assist transportation administrators make decisions to create a helpful environment that is echoed and repeated throughout the US.

Overall, MJM’s focus is to drive efficiencies in operations for paratransit, deviated route and fixed route programs. MJM’s solutions save customers an average of 20% of their annual budget. MJM Innovations also maintains a strategic partnership with Harmony Information System.

MJM Innovations offers:

  • an effective alternative for paper coupons and tickets realizing automation and streamlined operation
  • an economical compliment for your Dial-A-Ride van service
  • savings -taxi trips cost substantially less than a shared ride
  • compliments existing transportation programs

Right now MJM’s EzTransport is implemented in transportation agencies throughout the United States. The company plans to communicate with agency representatives throughout the US who oversee paratransit, deviated route and fixed route transportation programs.