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Armed with a database of over 500k contacts, Sales-Link understands the pharma/biotech, technology, and government sectors, and can connect your company to experts in a series of other industries.

Sales-Link’s contacts aren’t just names in a database; they’re people – a professional network of people from a multitude of organizations all over the world with different titles, needs and skill sets. Using our diversity of resources, including a robust contact network and our extensive pharmaceutical / biotech industry knowledge, we can link you with people from the C-Suite to the lab – people who otherwise could be difficult or cost-prohibitive to find.



Here are two real-world examples of connections we have made that enabled our clients to move forward with their projects:

Expert Resources – Finding the needle in the haystack

Researchers and heads of companies often seek experts in a specific area – experts that may be hard to find. Sales-Link worked with a Boston company CEO who needed a carbohydrate specialist. We enabled him to conduct a worldwide search and found 8 specialists outside the US that fit his candidate profile. He was then able to bring the right person onto his team, finalize his research and ultimately accomplished his goal of presenting it before the FDA.

Patient Recruitment – Helping a CEO find patients with a rare disease

One of our CEO clients needed to present to investors the potential for backing research. They needed to see where patients would be available to be tested in human research trials (many drug development efforts are stalled because patients cannot be found)…

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Professional Network