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"Good tools are such a necessity for lead generation done right!"

- Susan Walsh, Founder & CEO of Sales-Link Network


SALES-LINK is the brainchild of Founder Susan Walsh. Meeting one-on-one with her clients, Susan gains a better understanding of a company’s challenges, and then pinpoints how Sales-Link can help them to focus and achieve success.
Susan offers 35 years of experience in private and public sectors and in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and technology industries. She held key positions at IBM and Perot Systems Corporation, and, early in her career, she worked in system analysis, which enhanced her positions in utilizing automation to assist in sales, lead generation and marketing. Her experience in these areas is what helped to create the vision for SALES-LINK and offer the industry an insight to making lead generation and sales more efficient and building a better, more robust solution for sales and lead generation.

From her knowledge of database management and lead generation systems, she also recognizes that a system will only work as hard as the people and data behind it. It’s common that many of SALES-LINK’s clients are simply challenged by insufficient data and holes in communication that make it difficult for them to connect with an industry of 30,000 plus pharma/biotech companies worldwide. Susan’s industry knowledge, passion and investment in building a 1.5 million dollar industry database have contributed immensly to our clients’ successes.