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Our Approach

The Sales-Link process is simple! After meeting with your team, we collect your company’s strengths, offerings, information on your competition and key selling points. We help prepare the written materials (your content) to ensure the value of your products/services is available to readers. We are then equipped to target contacts daily for your products/services utilizing the Sales-Link industry database.

Through demand generation, email marketing, networking and using content to educate the industry, we share the value of your company to our network of influential contacts. We then invite them to have a conversation with you, and we may even participate in your meeting. Sales-Link seizes the opportunity to offer value to you, the client, and your target. No database alone can offer this unique perspective of the industry. We provide you world-class, hands-on lead generation.

Sales-Link will also formulate metrics to report on the success of your leads. Our work may not stop when we deliver you leads. We are available to assist clients by ensuring the proper processes are in place to close the sale. This is all part of helping you develop a solid lead capture strategy so no leads fall through the cracks. We also consult you on identifying your most attractive service offerings, pinpointing your industry value and demonstrating why.

Is Sales-Link right for your company?

Are you looking to…

  • Enhance sales and marketing?
  • Create a buzz about your company?
  • Grow your network of influencers?
  • Promote your services among your extremely competitive industry?
  • Network beyond your backyard, across the United States, and perhaps internationally?

What can Sales-Link offer your company?

  • Up-to-date industry contact data and enhancement. 
  • Assistance in identifying key prospects within our 200,000 plus contacts and thousands of companies worldwide. 
  • Cross-functional knowledge of process and industry. 
  • An assessment of how your business can grow. 
  • Assistance in scheduling meetings.