Lead Generation is a main artery of any business. Sales-Link specializes in process- and data-driven lead generation systems that engage the industry with your organization. We match companies with the end goal of doing business with each other.

The key is recognizing your targets. That means not only sales goals and business targets, but the product and service areas in which your company wants to generate growth. We work directly with you to learn and understand your products and services, your competition, and what differentiates your company. From there we identify needs, strengths and opportunities to provide the foundation to our lead generation process. 



Based on that information and our decade of industry experience, we help you refine your message – to highlight what you do best – and develop the right lead generation materials. Then we facilitate delivery of that message to your prospects in a way to which they will be most receptive. 

That’s where our enriched and well-maintained data systems come in. They allow us to determine which individuals and organizations are the best match for your offerings and would be motivated to do business with you. Then, we reach out to those prospects to convert them from names in a database into real qualified leads. 



We start with email communication. Years of testing and tracking have shown us that this is the most efficient and successful means of making contact – if you send the right message. Using all of the information available, we will prepare personable, short, interesting text appropriate for your audience. With that, Sales-Link creates email campaigns that target recipients based on how your products and services meet their needs.

Sales-Link uses proven tracking and lead-assessment processes to determine the receptiveness of the contact, their company, and how the timing of your message fits with their business goals. 

Once you receive the responses, we help you capture those qualified leads. We work with you, your sales team, and the prospect, to set up the meeting and bring your two organizations together. Sales-Link knows how to forge connections and nurture leads so no lead falls through the cracks.

Lead Generation