"Our goal is twofold: first, to transform your company's approach to sales; and then, to win you more contracts."

SALES-LINK, INC. is the brainchild of Founder & CEO Susan Walsh. Meeting one-on-one with her clients' teams, she gains a better understanding of a company’s challenges, and then pinpoints how Sales-Link can help them to focus and achieve success in media, marketing, lead generation, and sales.
Walsh offers 35 years of experience in private and public sectors and in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and technology industries. She has held key positions at IBM and Perot Systems Corporation. In her early career, she worked in systems analysis, and she became an expert in utilizing automation to assist in sales, lead generation and marketing.

Her experience in sales, data analysis, and efficiencies through systems and software is what helped to create the vision for Sales-Link. Her experience and of those she surrounds herself with, is what qualifies Sales-Link to offer services to other companies. As a result, Sales-Link has built a better, more robust solution for sales, marketing, media, lead generation and continuous improvement through out organizations.



From her knowledge of database management and lead generation systems, she also recognizes that a system will only work as hard as the people and data behind it. It’s common that many of Sales Link’s clients are simply challenged by insufficient data and holes in communication that make it difficult for them to connect with an industry of 50,000 plus pharma, biotech, and diagnostic companies worldwide. Susan’s industry knowledge, passion and investment in building a world-class database have contributed immensely to our clients’ successes.

You, your company, or organization, can now book Susan Walsh to speak to your group, and put you on the road to success.

Expertise in digital marketing, media creation, lead gen and sales. 

After meeting with your team, we collect your company’s strengths, offerings, information on your competition and key selling points. We help prepare the written materials (your content) to ensure the value of your products/services is available to readers. We are then equipped to target contacts daily for your products/services utilizing the Sales-Link industry database.

Through lead generation, email marketing, networking and using content to educate the industry, we share the value of your company to our network of influential contacts. We then invite them to have a conversation with you, and we can participate in your meeting, taking it to the stage you would like us to.

Sales-Link seizes the opportunity to offer value to you, the client, and your targets. No database alone can offer this unique perspective of the industry. We provide you world-class, hands-on lead generation, marketing, and sales support.

Sales-Link will also formulate metrics to report on the success of lead generation and sales activity. Our work is not limited to delivering you leads. We assist clients by ensuring the proper processes are in place internally to evaluate opportunities properly, set agendas for reveiw, due dates for comments, and making Go/NoGo decisions on consideration of new opportunities as well as on closing the sale. This is all part of helping you develop a solid sales strategy so nothing falls through the cracks. We also consult you on identifying your most attractive service offerings, pinpointing your industry value, and demonstrating why.


We Also Consult & Create In...

1. Digital Marketing

Using Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, and more, Sales-Link will guide your company on the important metrics to watch within the digital sphere. Understanding how to use social media marketing in addition to email marketing, and boosting your SEO are additional steps taken to support your company.


The Sales-Link team consists of expert graphic designers, web designers, video editors, and content creators. When you hire Sales-Link, you're also hiring a team that can transform your digital materials and make graphics for social media, product videos, write blog posts and articles, and even design websites.


In addition to our media team, Sales-Link has created a secret weapon: PharmaBDI. PharmaBDI is a dynamic, searchable database that includes over 500,000 validated, verified leads in Pharma, Biotech, and Diagnostics around the world. This is where we see, time and again, the successes and strengths of dedicated human follow-up and good old-fashioned sales.

4. WEBSITE DESIGN, CONTENT, and maintenance

Your website is a representation of you and your products and services. The site must be responsive, protected, creative, informative and tracked. We will write your content (we are pharma/CRO focused!), optimize your guests’ visits to your site, ensure proper security is in place to stop intruders and hackers, and apply search engine optimization (SEO). We also track your site’s activity via Google Analytics.


Do you think you are not seeing, not hearing, or not speaking in a way that resonates with your potential clients?


Our Social Media department determines Keywords to use to represent each company in their postings. We also consider what is trending in our industry, and follow breaking news in the pharma-biotech world. Metrics are studied; interactions and hours of usage are analyzed, and Social Media posts are adjusted to maximize interactions. We keep our clients in the public eye!


We created a dynamic, searchable system with verified industry contacts. 

Our Powerful CRM System


Pharma BDI (Business Development Information) is a dynamic, searchable system that includes a database with verified contact info for over 500,000 Pharma, Biotech, and Diagnostics industry professionals. It's updated daily, so you always know the best way to contact your leads and build your own database of clients and connections. This system is also a planning tool, a network, intelligence and methodology for lead gen and sales platform.



Performed by computers. Verified by humans.

Our team at Sales-Link, Inc. works around the clock to personally validate every entry in the Pharma BDI system. This means we're always manually checking and re-checking prospect emails, phone numbers, and even social media accounts. You'll never have to worry about contact info dead-ends again.



After we find the lead, automation stops and dedication starts.

We get on the phone. We follow-up. We fight for you. This is what makes Sales-Link, Inc. so unique. We guide you from the beginning processes of creating and promoting your media materials, to finding the best leads, to actually making the sale. Sales-Link is, at heart, a company of dedicated salespeople who understand that technology only takes you so far. We use our technology to speed up the hunting process - but we never stop there. Sales-Link will get you that sales meeting, and we'll even be in the room with you. 

"We get on the phone. We follow-up. We catch the lead for you."

Sales-Link Slack Network

We're always looking for more efficient ways to connect and communicate with professionals in the Pharma, Biotech, and Diagnostics industries. The mode of operation here at Sales-Link is to keep creating new ways to communicate. We currently have a big blue ocean of great services but it’s those red oceans of change that keep us ahead.

The life sciences industry consists of CEOs, researchers, scientists, business development, and clinical people (close to half a million) who are part of an economic network. 

Sales-Link uses a collaborative platform for better connections, accessible 24-7 via the Sales-Link Slack Network.

By joining the Sales-Link Network community on Slack you’ll be able to ask questions from real, experienced professionals - your industry peers. 


Our Sales-Link Network Community is powered by Slack - a messaging tool on a collaborative platform that allows us to stay connected in a more focused way, with one another through different channels. Start by signing up here and you'll get your first two weeks free to test it out.

The Value of Slack  - Ask and answer questions about industry-related info 24/7,  directly  with your peers.

The Value of Slack - Ask and answer questions about industry-related info 24/7, directly with your peers.


"We are the only company that guides you from transforming your media materials to closing the deal."