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Case Studies

Sales-Link’s work extends beyond the database. Our founder and lead generators are experienced in growing lists, crafting messages, and matching your company’s offerings with influential buyers and partners. Our team is continuously researching and on top of the latest industry trends and innovations. Below are examples of how Sales-Link has helped our clients achieve success.


Sales-Link is your go-to source for current and verified industry contacts.

Relevant Contacts – Where lead generation begins

The Sales-Link database was recently purchased by one of the world’s leading providers of scientific and technical publications. We helped them select the right types of contacts to have in their networking and lead generation programs. This ensured they were able to acquire highly relevant contacts and not just the typical non-relevant filler contacts.

Specific Data – Relevance to your business

A large public company with salespeople and marketing managers worldwide contracted with us for a pilot project to determine if we could collect specific titles that were at various levels within organizations our client served. Within 30 days we not only delivered the requested amount of contacts with valid email addresses, we delivered a bonus on top of contract requirements. Because so many companies contract with data providers for contact lists and are accustomed to not receiving relevant data, they immediately experienced the value of our industry-leading contact database services. We are proud to now provide ongoing support to their thriving lead generation program.


Lead Generation

Every person knows on average 200 other people. Sales-Link encourages our clients to talk to everyone and anyone in their business area.

Perceived Value – Unusual requests leading to profitable deals

Sales-Link often fields unusual requests from industry, and we encourage clients to take the chance when we feel there is potential in the meeting. Once a lead agrees to a meeting, Sales-Link often schedules those meetings for our client’s management and sales professionals. 

While lead generating for a central laboratory, we were preparing the COO for a business trip. One lead requesting a meeting appeared to be a competitor, so naturally the COO questioned the value of the lead and almost refused to meet. We provided our COO client with information to back up the potential we perceived. With some persuasion, the meeting was able to proceed as planned. 

At the meeting, our client learned the lead was shutting down a division of their company and wanted to outsource the work to the best in the industry. What was originally believed to be a potentially threatening meeting with a competitor resulted in a new first year $500k customer for our client. The following year, that contract was renewed for $1M. 


Hidden Opportunities – Uncovering leads that often go unnoticed

Typically, targets for CRO’s are drug companies – many are unaware of the growing research trend in the health and nutrition sector. While lead generating for a clinical CRO, we discovered an opportunity in this sector: A nutraceutical company was looking to conduct a clinical trial to support strong claims regarding their product’s benefits and enhance their labeling and promotion. Based on previous knowledge, the client believed the company would not present a revenue-yielding opportunity. 

Again we provided supporting documentation showing that a large percentage of clinical research was being done in this space. Though our client held some reservations, we kept the interest alive and gently pushed them to go ahead with the meeting and build the relationship. Instead of missing the opportunity, our client, on what was initially quoted as a $200k study, ultimately received a $1.1M contract.


Market Assessment – Gauging interest and obtaining feedback

A leading diagnostic company asked Sales-Link to conduct a survey to determine the interest level for its new diagnostic. We took the time to discuss the mission with the CEO and sent a short sampling to 200 targeted contacts from the Sales-Link database. This yielded six meetings with Big Pharma, allowing our client to attain their goal of assessing interest, obtaining feedback and considering potential opportunities in the market.


Professional Network

Patient Recruitment – Helping a CEO find patients with a rare disease

Many sponsors need assistance in identifying patients for an orphan/rare disease trial. The founder/CEO of a small biotech company was developing a drug and needed to see where patients would be available worldwide to be tested in human research trials. He was not successful via the traditional routes of surveying CRO’s without finalizing a contract first – many drug development efforts are stalled because patients cannot be found.

Sales-Link was able to identify and connect our client with more than enough research investigators seeing patients appropriate for the studies. This enabled the CEO to present those results to investors to secure funding. He wrote Sales-Link about the experience:

A key turning point in finalizing the feasibility of taking the product into clinical development was my running into Sales-Link! I cannot state strongly enough how helpful your process was to me and your energy level was a delight to be around. When you’re working by yourself, and dealing with large institutions or companies waiting for bids, etc., you can begin to think there is no next step – the death mantra of an entrepreneur. You brought momentum back to my efforts. Sales-Link offers a viable business plan that provides an indispensable service to small start-up companies.
— CEO of Biotech Company

Expert Resources – Finding the needle in the haystack

Researchers and heads of companies often seek experts in a specific area – experts that may be hard to find. Sales-Link worked with a Boston company CEO who needed a carbohydrate specialist. We enabled him to conduct a worldwide search and found 8 specialists outside the US that fit his candidate profile. He was then able to bring the right person onto his team, finalize his research and ultimately accomplished his goal of presenting it before the FDA.