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Susan Walsh

Aspiring to inspire others in sales, Susan Walsh has launched her “Dial-In” Sales Mentoring Program! You, your company, or organization, can now book Susan Walsh for personal mentoring or speak to your group, and put you on the road to success.

For years, sales associates have been in awe of Susan Walsh’s sales successes, wondering how she achieves such a high rate of conversions, and curious of her ability to close sales. “It’s not magic,” she says. “It’s a methodology and process that I developed from over two decades of very hard work, experimentation, and experience,” she adds. Her passion for mentoring up-coming sales associates has prompted her to share her process formally, in her “Dial-In” Sales Mentoring Program. She will help identify that sales centric mind needed for sales!

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You are Not Alone

It’s common for sales associates and companies to be challenged by sales. Insufficient sales procedures, and holes in communications, make it difficult for them to get leads, and then close them as sales. Susan has been there, and knows first-hand the frustration these challenges can cause. After 20+ years in sales, she also has the answers!

Eliminate the cycle of exasperation and replace it with practices that produce success! Susan’s expertise stems from over two decades in sales and lead generation. From her knowledge of database management, lead generation, marketing, and sales, Susan knows that a sales team can only function as well as as the people, and data, behind it.

Susan’s industry experience, passion, and investment in building a world-class lead generation database and sales company, have given her unique tools that repeatedly produce successful outcomes. She has built a better, more robust solution for sales, marketing, media, lead generation, and management, that she is now willing to share. Susan is a recognized expert trainer, teacher, and mentor of sales associates.

If you are as eager to learn from the best, as she is excited about sharing her knowledge, sign-up now for your FREE 30-minute discovery call, and start your journey to successful sales.